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Hi, we’re honahlee.

We need to talk. We know this plant is more than it’s given credit for. Relegated to the basement of crime and stoner culture for decades, we have seen the broader potential of this important plant medicine stifled and overlooked. While we witnessed the benefits that the appropriate use of cannabis brought to anxiety and chronic pain in our families, we found no professional support. Sifting through endless piles of information, we saw confusion; trying our best to be safe we found only red tape.

While Australia’s cannabis industry began to bloom, we met with pioneering doctors, farmers and communities bringing forward a new perspective. We realised that we were not alone. With the potential to benefit millions of Australians and create a significant economic industry, it’s time to elevate the cannabis conversation in Australia and evolve a healthier relationship to its use. We’re an independent organisation here to help normalise cannabis. We want to make learning about cannabis simple for everyone. With access to clear and definitive information, we have a chance to guide a positive cannabis culture in Australia; one that leads the world in safe practice. As digital and content professionals passionate about mature use of cannabis, we started honahlee to help create a smart cannabis community.

Cannabis content with purpose

Across the globe, more and more countries are legalising cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. In Australia, cannabis has only recently been made legal for medicinal use, however it is still considered taboo by the general public. We believe that over time cannabis will become a part of peoples’ everyday lives due to its diverse range of uses not only as a material but also with its many uses attributed to health and wellbeing. As an emerging industry and rapidly growing subject, the cannabis topic can feel divisive; rich in history, divided opinions and plenty of emerging research and newly discovered information. To help create a community that’s smart about cannabis, there is a clear need to create a foundation of knowledge here in Australia. honahlee exists to create a diverse, inclusive and informed conversation where cannabis information is accessible to everyone.


Our story

Dec 2019 honahlee logo black

honahlee officially launches!

Nov 2019

AU government proposes an inquiry into medical cannabis access due for report in Feb 2020

Oct 2019

honahlee publishes: A guide to medical cannabis in Australia

Sep 2019 ACT

Recreational cannabis is legalised in the ACT

Dec 2018:  our story_women smoking_saraandreasson

Jordan, Tom and their partners start creating the idea for honahlee. They send a survey to friends to gauge the state of cannabis. Over 150 people take the survey.

Aug 2017

Jordan and Tom meet for the first time working as a Melbourne-based start-up

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Medical cannabis is legalised in Australia