Expert Partners

Our expert partners are specialists from different disciplines in the cannabis industry. They help guide and create content so that you can be confident that you’re getting information that’s reliable, relevant, and true. Join the expert team or learn more about our partners and how they contribute to cannabis research, education and industry growth.


Courtney Fletcher

Clinical Trial Coordinator (Medlab Clinical)

Courtney Fletcher is the clinical trial coordinator at Medlab Clinical. She’s a leader in education for patients and doctors. Courtney believes that, through her research, she’ll be able to create a brighter future for those in need of cannabis medicine.

andrew dowling altmed founder headshot

Andrew Dowling

Co-founder (Phytoca & AltMed)

Andrew is a lawyer and the co-founder of CBD Pharmaceuticals and AltMed. Andrew follows legal developments abroad regarding the regulation of cannabis. He is keen to see legal reform in Australia that improves patient access to plant-based medicines.

orit holtzman gp cannabis prescriber

Dr Orit Holtzman

Co-founder (Leura Wellness)

Dr Orit Holtzman is a GP and Co-founder of Leura Wellness. Dr Holtzman is experienced in treating children with both modern and cannabinoid medicines. She practices functional and cannabinoid medicine with the goal of helping patients live the best life they can.

Stipe Vuleta chamberlains lawyer honahlee partner

Stipe Vuleta

Managing Director (Chamberlains)

Stipe is the Managing Director of Chamberlains Law Firm. He’s one of the youngest directors in the business’s history. Stipe believes that cannabinoid medicine should be treated like all other medicines and believes in the patient’s right to choose.

alistair vickery medical director emyria

Professor Alistair Vickery

Medical Director (Emyria)

Professor Alistair Vickery is the Executive Medical Director of Emyria. Alistair’s pragmatic approach to healthcare puts him in a unique position to pursue the science behind medications while still creating the human connection patients need.

lisa nguyen pharmacist astrid dispensary

Lisa Nguyen, B.Pharm

Founder (Astrid Dispensary)

Lisa is an Australian trained Clinical Pharmacist and the Founder of Astrid Dispensary - Australia's first female-led, green pharmacy focussing on cannabinoid medicines. Lisa’s aim is to provide individualised care and education to her Astrid Dispensary patients and customers.

chad walkaden founder ontracka

Chad Walkaden

Founder (OnTracka)

Chad is a Mental Health Expert, a Stage IV Cancer Survivor and Founder of OnTracka, an Australian start-up that has created technology to help accelerate the legitimacy of cannabinoid medicines into the healthcare system.

dr matty moore gp cannabis doctor

Dr Matty Moore

Independent GP

Dr Matty Moore is a GP at Dunsborough Medical Centre in WA and an experienced cannabis prescriber. Matty believes in treating the individual, not just the condition. He is passionate about cannabinoid medicine and cannabis education.

melissa benson

Melissa Benson, PhD

Medical Cannabis Researcher

Dr Melissa Benson has extensive experience in conducting clinical trials and studies with medicinal cannabis products in Australia. Melissa is passionate about research in the context of providing optimal patient care and improving access to medical cannabis in Australia.

clare barker cannabis expert headshot

Clare Barker

General Manager (Entoura)

Clare is the General Manager at Entoura, a patient education and medical cannabis manufacturer. While she is excited about providing high quality medical cannabis products to patients, patient education and advocacy are her true passions.

professor ian brighthope

Professor Ian Brighthope

Founder (Entoura)

Professor Ian Brighthope is a retired medical practitioner with over 40 years of experience. Ian has been a pioneer in Australian nutritional and integrative medicine. He’s the founder of Entoura, a medical cannabis manufacturer and educational company.

caroline dwyer nurse practitioner

Caroline Dwyer

Nurse Practitioner (CA Clinics)

Caroline is a nurse practitioner and women’s health advocate. She is an advocate for natural therapies like meditation, yoga and always takes a holistic approach with her patients.

dr amy gajjar profile picture honahlee

Dr Amy Gajjar FRACGP

GP & Integrative Medicine Specialist

Dr Amy believes in taking an integrative medical approach. She incorporates knowledge and skills from a variety of areas including functional medicine, meditation, Ayurvedic lifestyle and more. Dr Amy has seen the power of cannabis first hand and treats patients with medical cannabis when applicable.

tom arkell cannabis expert

Tom Arkell

Researcher (Lambert Initiative)

Thomas Arkell is a psychopharmacologist with a background in psychology and philosophy. He has a fascination with all things cannabis and a broad interest in how psychoactive drugs affect human behaviour and cognition and our experience of the world around us.

steven notaro headshot

Steven Notaro

Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs (Cann Group)

Steven Notaro is the Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs for Cann Group Limited. He is committed to fostering the development of the Australian medicinal cannabis industry and supporting the supply of high-quality medicinal cannabis products to patients in Australia and across the globe.

Joel Hardy Cymra CEO Cannabis Expert Profile Photo

Joel Hardy

Co-founder & CEO (Cymra Life Sciences)

Joel is the co-founder & CEO of Cymra Life Sciences a cultivator and manufacturer of medical cannabis. Cymra was one of the first companies to be awarded an Australian cannabis licence. He is excited by the possibility of producing cannabis medicine tailored to treat chronic pain patients.

dr mark hardy headshot honahlee

Dr Mark Hardy

Medical Director (CA Clinics)

Dr Hardy has been an addiction medicine specialist since 2010. He entered the medicinal cannabis space in search of evidence based alternatives to ineffective treatment for chronic pain patients. Dr Hardy has played a massive role in medical cannabis education.


Dr Joe Kosterich

Medical Advisor (Little Green Pharma)

Dr Joe Kosterich wants you to be healthy and get the most out of life. Dr Joe is a medical advisor to Little Green Pharma and writes for numerous medical and mainstream publications. Dr Joe continues to see patients as a GP each week and is a proponent for medical cannabis education.

Dr James Connell

Founder: Heyday Medical

Dr James Connell (Dr Jim) is an RACGP accredited General Practitioner. Dr Jim has developed special interests in chronic pain, palliative care, musculoskeletal medicine, chronic disease management and mental health. These areas of interest have naturally led Dr Jim to investigate and utilise cannabis medicines to help his patients optimise their quality of life.

rhys cohen freshleaf analytics headshot

Rhys Cohen

Cannabis Consultant

Rhys is a drug policy and politics nerd with a social science background. He’s a passionate advocate for evidence-based drug policy and medical cannabis access.

dr hannah kirk honahlee headshot

Dr Hannah Kirk

Developmental Neuroscientist, Monash Uni.

Dr Hannah Kirk is a Developmental Neuroscientist and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Early Career Research Fellow in the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, at Monash University. Hannah has a keen interest in childhood development.

Australian Cannabis Experiences

Science and people’s experiences are two of the most important and opinion forming elements of the cannabis conversation. While science can tell us how the plant works, it’s people’s stories and experiences that actually shape public opinion, drive policies and create political change. Dive into real Australians’ cannabis experiences or share your own with the community.