Professor Alistair Vickery

Medical Director (Emyria)

alistair vickery medical director emyria

Meet Alistair

Professor Alistair Vickery is the Executive Medical Director of Emyria, a data-backed, drug development company, that seeks to co-create real-world evidence for novel therapeutic and technological interventions.

Alistair’s pragmatic approach to healthcare puts him in a unique position to pursue the science behind the medications while still creating the human connection patients need. When not working with patients and data, Alistair has a passion for music and loves spending time with his family.

A diverse background

Alistair has a wealth of expertise in clinical practice, health service management, clinical and educational research and board director skills.

He is adjunct Clinical Professor of Primary Health Care at the University of Western Australia and Notre Dame University and an active specialist general practitioner.  He is the clinical lead of the research group CHASM (The Collaborative for Health Care Analysis and Statistical Modelling) – providing high-level analysis and statistical modelling to inform WA Health clinical service planning and service evaluation. 

Alistair is also the Board Chair of Black Swan Health, one of the largest NFP primary health care, disability, and mental health services in Australia and a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management and an AICD graduate. All of these experiences have helped him become a leading practitioner in his field.


In the last 2 years the clinics have assessed over 4000 patients who have exhausted conventional therapy, for prescribed regulated medicinal cannabis for multiple clinical conditions. By tracking important clinical changes using a bespoke validated digital health platform, Emyria has created an ethical source of unique data covering a wide variety of patients, products and formulations. Analysis of these data reveal unique product and dose-response insights for certain patient populations and conditions.

Connect with Alistair

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