The Cannabis Law Reform Alliance presents

Drive Change

A law reform campaign to amend the driving laws giving medical cannabis patients the same rights as all other patients.

Fair, effective, equal drug driving laws.

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The Problem

If you take cannabis* medicine as prescribed you cannot legally drive.

* medical cannabis containing THC

The Solution

Equal driving rights for medical cannabis patients.

MC Patient Statutory Defence for THC presence.

The federal government, state and territories formulate uniform drug driving laws to allow for a complete defence to the presence of THC in a driver’s oral fluid or blood wheresoever:

a. The driver possesses a valid doctor’s prescription for a product that includes THC;
b. The nature of the offending does not involve dangerous or reckless driving; and
c. An officer cannot establish reasonable grounds to suspect driver impairment.

The Cannabis Law Reform Alliance

A group of advocates, patient-led organisations, educators, industry bodies and cannabis experts have joined forces to be the voice for cannabis law reform Australia-wide.


HRA is a national organisation for individuals committed to reducing the health, social and economic harms potentially associated with drug use.

HRA aims to ensure that drug policies in Australia first and foremost do no harm and provide real benefit to Australian society through evidence-based and humane responses to drug use.


honahlee is an educational space created to support a new perspective on cannabis in Australia.

honahlee is a digital platform to explore your curiosities about cannabis and to learn about its science, benefits and legalities.

Key Members


Adjunct Professor
David Heilpern

Campaign Lead

Mat Henderson

Campaign Legal Lead

Bee Mohamed

Campaign Coordinator

Campaign Overview

The campaign will run for 6 months and will conclude with a round table discussion bringing together members of the community and government bodies.

The campaign will consist of political advocacy and a digital advocacy and awareness campaign with the goal of influencing the government to change the medical cannabis and driving laws.

The campaign features members of government, the cannabis industry and medical cannabis patients presenting fact based evidence and stories of why it is critical to stop medical cannabis patient discrimination by making the laws equal.

Key Ambassadors


Fiona Patten MP

Fiona Patten has been a Member of the Victorian Legislative Council for the Northern Metropolitan region since 2014. Fiona is Leader of the Reason Party, described as a future-focused, evidence-based movement committed to delivering equality, sustainability and freedom through new methods of political engagement and pragmatic consultation.

In October 2020, after a 5 year battle, Fiona’s proposal to change driving laws for cannabis patients was approved. Victoria will be the first state to change the medical cannabis and driving laws.


Lucy Haslam

Lucy is a retired nurse, mother and grandmother, who is known for being the lynchpin in the legalisation of medical cannabis in Australia. Lucy founded non-profit United in Compassion in 2014 and is both a patient advocate and educator and does this in Dan’s memory.

In 2020 Lucy became a co-founder and chair of the Australian Medicinal Cannabis Association and founded the Australian Chapter of The Society of Cannabis Clinicians. Lucy strives to keep the emerging industry patient centric and morally grounded.


Mick Palmer AO

Michael John (Mick) Palmer is a barrister and 33 year career police officer with extensive experience in police leadership and reform in community, national and international policing. In 1994 Mick was appointed Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police (AFP). He was also the inaugural Deputy Chair of the National Council against Drugs (NCAD), a position he occupied until retirement in 2001.

Mick is currently a spokesperson for the Ted Noffs Foundation’s Take control Campaign, for Safer, Saner Drug Laws, a Director Emeritus of Australia 21 and an Ambassador for SMART Recovery.

People Behind The Alliance Organisations

Harm Reduction Australia


Gino Vumbaca

Co-founder HRA

Gino Vumbaca is the co-founder of Harm Reduction Australia. Mr Vumbaca is the former Executive Director of the Australian National Council on Drugs, a position he held for over 15 years.


Tom Brown

Co-founder honahlee

Tom is a co-founder of honahlee, a patient advocate and a digital marketer. Tom created honahlee to educate Australians about cannabis and improve access for those who can benefit from the plant.