Chad Walkaden

Founder (OnTracka)

chad walkaden founder ontracka

Legitimising cannabis for medical use

Chad Walkaden is a Mental Health Expert, a Stage IV Cancer Survivor and Founder of OnTracka, the Australian start-up that has created technology to help accelerate the legitimacy of cannabinoid medicines into the healthcare system. 

During a life-changing four years, Chad trialled cannabis as a means of combating the side-effects from his chemotherapy that lasted a total of 719 continuous days. 

Despite his successes integrating cannabis into his own care, Chad continued to see the major problems that restricted more patients from benefiting from the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Chad dedicated his life to solving this problem, combining his professional expertise with his personal experiences to create a free, easy & effective way of assisting others to safely integrate cannabis into their lives.  

Chad’s work has been globally recognised with his findings published in Discoveries Journals, the Journal of Gastroenterology, Hepatology & Digestive Disorders, and was invited to talk about his cancer model, The Cancer Blueprint at 26th Annual Congress into Cancer Science and Targeted Therapies. Since founding OnTracka, the New South Wales Government of Australia has formally supported the company to help establish a legal framework for cannabis across the country.

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