Caroline Dwyer

Nurse Practitioner (CA Clinics)

caroline dwyer nurse practitioner

Meet Caroline

Caroline is a clinical consultant with CA Clinics. In her spare time, Caroline enjoys kickboxing and running, getting into the ocean and spending time outdoors with her 2 pups to support and encourage wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

Caroline’s background

Part of her role is helping people find more holistic options when it comes to health care and well being. She is a qualified nurse practitioner in addiction, mental health and primary care. She also completed a Masters Degree in Health Science (Sexual Health) from the University of Sydney in 2010. 

A holistic approach

Caroline is passionate about offering care, guidance and education to expand options for women’s health. She has always been an advocate for a holistic approach to health. Caroline works with patients to improve their quality of life through methods such as meditation, mental health support, yoga and self care. 

Caroline has presented educational seminars to her peers within the primary care and sexual health landscapes and enjoys discussing the importance of maintaining wellness and life balance.

Connect with Caroline

If you’d like to connect with Caroline you can find her on LinkedIn. Or, you can visit the CA Clinic’s website.