Tom Arkell

Researcher (Lambert Initiative)

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Meet Thomas Arkell (B.A. (Psych/Phil), Ph.D.)

Thomas Arkell (B.A. (Psych/Phil), Ph.D.) is a psychopharmacologist with a background in psychology and philosophy. He has a fascination with all things cannabis and a broad interest in how psychoactive drugs affect human behaviour and cognition and our experience of the world around us.

Tom is an open-minded and passionate young scientist who is actively engaged in the medical cannabis community and is always up for a chat. When he isn’t at work, he can often be found making music, cooking or wandering around in the bush.

Tom’s work

Since completing his B.A. in 2012, Tom has spent time working in Australia, the U.S and the Netherlands across a range of research projects. He recently completed his doctoral thesis on the effects of cannabis on driving. This involved designing and leading a number of studies looking at how different types of cannabis affect driving ability and the cognitive skills that are needed for safe driving. 

Moving forward, Thomas hopes to continue to advance cannabis research in Australia and work toward breaking down the social and political barriers that have so far hampered efforts in this space. He hopes to use his work to help guide evidence-based and rational public policy.

Connect with Tom

You can check out some of Tom’s work at the Lambert Initiative for Cannabinoid Therapeutics site or connect directly with Tom on LinkedIn.