Steven Notaro

Head of Legal & Regulatory Affairs (Cann Group)

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Meet Steven

Steven is a father, husband, and a qualified lawyer, who started his legal career at Mushroom Group, one of Australia’s largest music and entertainment groups. His focuses were contract law, intellectual property, consumer law and corporate law matters before pursuing a career in the medicinal cannabis industry. 

Steven, meet cannabis

In late 2014 Steven joined the Cann Group, in the role of Head of Legal and Regulatory Affairs. At the time, the legal cannabis space in Australia barely existed. Steven was key in helping Cann Group manage both the local and international requirements for cultivation and importation of medical cannabis.

Today, Steven provides both a legal and operating discipline to the business with a focus on material contracts and compliance with regulatory requirements in relation to the Cann Group’s business.

Steven is committed to fostering the development of the Australian medicinal cannabis industry and supporting the supply of high-quality medicinal cannabis products to patients in Australia and across the globe.

Connect with Steven

You can contact with Steven by going to the Cann Group Limited website or connecting with him on LinkedIn.