The time that it will take for your medical cannabis to work depends on factors such as dosage, consumption method, type of cannabis prescribed and many other factors. We’ll outline two of the major considerations below:


Methods of ingestion such as vaping, dabbing or smoking will provide you with an ample dose of medication quickly and efficiently for a timely relief. These are the fastest relief methods, however they are the least likely to be prescribed as a medical treatment.

Cannabis oil under the tongue allows for the medicine to enter your bloodstream relatively quickly. There are reports of people saying the feel some effects immediately however others have reported that it can take anywhere from ten to sixty minutes.

If you’re using cannabis for pain relief and the pain can be pinpointed, applying cannabis transdermally (on your skin via patch or ointment) has been shown to provide relief. Patients have reported this working anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.

If you’re using cannabis for maintenance or for ongoing treatment of a condition or symptoms and don’t need immediate relief, ingestion is the preferred method.

The Individual:

Everyone’s body is different and so the results and amount of time it takes for your cannabis to kick take effect will vary. When ingesting cannabis not only does your individual system come into play but also external conditions. If you’ve eaten a lot just before ingesting cannabis it might take longer for the cannabis to enter your system. If you’ve just exercised then it may be a faster process. One of the reasons that consuming cannabis orally is the preferred method is because you’re allowing your body to receive the chemicals over an extended period of time, thus allowing the effects of cannabis to help you over that period.