What are edibles?

The term edibles when relating to cannabis refers to any food, lolly, baked goods or drinks that contain cannabis in a form which can be ingested. These products often contain a high dosage of THC, however, some edibles used for medicinal purposes may contain higher CBD and lower THC. Drinks may be called ‘drinkables’.

Eating raw cannabis is unlikely to produce a high, and so the cannabis must go through a cannabinoid conversion called decarboxylation, which activates the chemicals that give you a high. Once in edible form and consumed, digestion needs to take place before the edible can have any effect. Depending on a number of factors, digestion can happen anywhere between 40 minutes and three hours in some people. Because it takes longer to feel the effects some people end up consuming larger amounts of the drug assuming it isn’t working – be conscious of this if you’re consuming edibles for the first time.