Feminized (seeds)

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Feminized seeds are seeds which, when grown, will only produce female plants. They may also be referred to as ‘female seeds.’ The gender of a plant is determined by the X & Y chromosomes. A plant with two X chromosomes will be female almost 100% of the time. When growing cannabis from regular seeds, a female plant is only likely to be produced 60% of the time, which means that many growers end up discarding 40% of their grows. While the plant producing feminized seeds may be considered genetically modified, the seeds themselves are not. 

The reason people choose feminized seeds is that most growers want the buds from the cannabis plant, which are the part used to smoke. These buds only appear on female plants. Feminized seeds provide higher yields of the bud and reduce the effort of growing because you don’t need to grow and maintain potentially male plants just to discard them later.