Hash/Hash Oil

Hash (hashish) is a form of cannabis that is made from the compressed or purified kief (trichomes) of the plant itself. The cannabis plant creates these trichomes to protect itself from herbivores and to attract pollinating bugs. The trichomes that form hash are found all over the plant itself but have the highest concentration on the buds.

Hash often comes in two forms:

  1. A compact brick type of resin
  2. Oil

The process for making hash starts with the collection of trichomes. For a general cannabis user, this often happens when grinding the cannabis and gathering the kief at the bottom of the grinder. There are now a variety of trichome separation devices and techniques such as tumblers, and devices that use heat or pressure, static electricity or a liquid to separate the plant matter.

Hash is usually consumed orally or can be smoked alongside leaf or in some forms may be vaporised (dabbing). It’s important to note that the effects of consuming hash are much stronger than consuming other forms of cannabis because of the high concentration of THC (and other cannabinoids).