Free Cannabis Event Online – Australian Cannabis Summit 2020

The Australian Cannabis Summit is a free annual digital event for doctors, patients and anyone interested in learning more about cannabis. The ACS runs on the 13th & 14th of November. Learn how to get involved.

Australian Cannabis Summit 2020

Now in its second year, The Australian Cannabis Summit (ACS) exists to help improve education about cannabis to the general Australian population. 

In this article we spoke with Chloe Jean Teh, the patient care coordinator at PlantMed and the co-founder and host of the ACS. Chloe gave us an overview of what you can expect from the ACS and how you can sign up to learn more about cannabis for free.

Here are the topics covered:

What is the Australian Cannabis Summit?

When the ACS launched in 2019, it was a big success. As a result the ACS has become an annual platform for cannabis education. The ACS was created to raise awareness around the medical properties of cannabis. The founders of the ACS are husband and wife, Dr John Teh and Chloe Jean Teh, who run PlantMed. 

We found that there was a lot of information lacking for medicos on the properties of medicinal cannabis. So the aim of the ACS is to create a platform where there was free up-to-date education for medicos patients and people interested in the cannabis space or the medical cannabis space.

Each year the team will add to their educational resources. Attendees can build on their cannabis knowledge year on year. Speakers involved will cover new and trending topics as well as build on past research to keep the audience up to date on what’s new and important in the world of cannabis. 

What can people expect from the ACS in 2020?

The 2020 ACS will have over 50 segments over two days. It’s run completely online so that you can watch and learn from the comfort of your own home. 

Speakers will include leading prescribing doctors, pharmacists, scientists, policy and lawmakers, as well as patient experiences. This year, for the first time, the ACS will also cover cultivation. There will be tours of some of Australia’s first grow facilities,  providing insight into what it takes to take your medicine from seed to patient.

ACS 2020 Highlights

It’s important to note that while much of the focus is legal medical cannabis there will also be a cannabis industry focus and information that those interested in adult use cannabis will find useful.

The headliner for this year’s ACS is Dr Bob Melamede, a GP from Vermont USA. Dr Melamede will talk about cannabis and metabolic dysfunction. Some of the other exciting topics covered are:

  • Case study mashups from Aussie prescribers.
  • Endocannabinoid system explained
  • How to incorporate flower into treatment
  • How to introduce THC to THC sensitive patients
  • Vapourisation lessons

Who can attend and how can they sign up?

The Australia cannabis summit is open to the general public. The summit is 100% Free and can be watched online.

Date: 13th & 14th Of November
Location: Online
Price: FREE
Sign up: here.

When you sign up you also get access to the 2019 ACS. Note: The ACS has pre-recorded sessions so even if you’re not able to make it on the day, feel free to sign up and watch at your own convenience.

Why the ACS is important for the development of cannabis in Australia.

The ACS is all about creating education and to help cannabis become more readily prescribed. Broader acceptance of cannabis starts with education from the patient right through to the doctor. 

Unlike many other medical areas, medical cannabis is a patient driven industry. Your education matters.

Chloe made the very important point, “You may be able to change the opinion of a doctor and therefore the hundreds of patients that they will collectively treat in their time. Get behind the Australian cannabis summit and the medical properties of cannabis and make this medicine a frontline treatment.” 


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Tom Brown

Tom is a co-founder of honahlee, startup junkie, a cannabis enthusiast and a digital marketer. His interest in cannabis began as a teenager growing up in New York. Tom loves to trawl through cannabis research, documenting cannabis truths and myths. He started honahlee to help reduce the stigma around cannabis in Australia by educating people about the many uses of the plant.


The team at honahlee are not doctors and are not providing medical advice. Neither Chloe Jean Teh nor the honahlee team are recommending the use of marijuana (cannabis) for medical or adult use purposes. Cannabis does not work for everyone and may have negative side effects. In Australia, medical marijuana (cannabis) is regulated by the TGA. If you think cannabis is right for you, please consult with your doctor or specialist.