Medical cannabis products Australia

The Australian medical cannabis market now hosts over 150 legal medical cannabis products through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) access pathways. There are also various products that doctors prescribe via compounding pharmacies. Because medical cannabis is so new in Australia and the advertising of medical cannabis is not allowed, it’s very difficult for both patients and doctors to know what’s available.

In this article, we’ll not only give you some of the medical cannabis product basics, we’ll also give you a list of products available to patients via the TGA cannabis access pathways. The lists below may not have all of the products available in Australia, but we’ll do our best to keep this list as up to date as possible. 

It’s important to note that this article is not intended for advertising purposes. This article and the list of products below are for medical cannabis patients to learn more about the types of products available, find a list of products that they can talk to their doctor about, or direct their doctors when their doctors are new to medical cannabis. Medical cannabis doesn’t work for everyone, has contraindications and can cause side effects. Only you and your doctor can decide if medical cannabis is right for you.

In this article, we’ll cover the following topics:

What types of medical cannabis products are there?

When most people think of cannabis they think of smoking the flower or bud of the plant. When it comes to legal medical cannabis, doctors may prescribe a flower product for vaporisation. However, the most common form of medical cannabis product is an oil. And, flower and oils are not the only types of medical cannabis products available in Australia. Here are the different types that doctors can prescribe (in alphabetical order):

  • Capsules
  • Chewables
  • Cream
  • Crystals
  • Flower (including granulated flower)
  • Lozenges
  • Oil
  • Spray

One of the most important things to know about the different types of products is that they have different onset, effect and impairment windows. 

For example, while oils may take longer to affect, called ‘onset of action’, the impact of taking cannabis, called ‘duration of action’ in oil form lasts longer. Besides the fact that smoking and vaping are not great for your lungs, doctors typically start patients on an oil because the effects last longer and can provide relief from symptoms over a more extended period than vaping. 

What mix of cannabinoids (ie THC vs CBD) are available?

The simple answer to this question is pretty much everything. When people talk about medical cannabis, they usually bring up CBD oil. The term CBD oil is a bit confusing because it sounds like an oil that’s only CBD. However, there are multiple types of CBD oil. And, these types are defined by the cannabinoid content in the actual oil.

Legal medical cannabis products include:

  • Full spectrum
  • Broad spectrum
  • Isolates

This means that you can be prescribed products that contain:

  • CBD only
  • CBD & THC
  • THC only
  • A mixed ratio of the cannabinoids CBD & THC
  • All of the cannabinoids and terpenes that were in the original plant. (CBC, CBG and CBN are some of the other popular cannabinoids) 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find out the terpene content of many of these products. Your doctor would need to query this with the product suppliers.

To learn about the different types of CBD oil you can read our types of CBD oil article.

Which medical cannabis product is best for me?

We often get asked questions like, “What is the best medical cannabis products for anxiety?” or ,”What is the best cannabis product for pain?”

We know that CBD and THC have specific medicinal properties, and some of the properties overlap. We also know that for certain conditions, like epilepsy, CBD can be very beneficial. However, most of the time, the effects of cannabis are often unique to an individual.

Because cannabis works differently for everyone, there rarely is a ‘best’ type of product for an individual or a condition. You and your doctor will work out which product type is best for you over a period of time.

A List Of Legal Medical Cannabis Products In Australia

Before you start reading through the individual lists, there are a few things to note:

  1. Prices change regularly and we don’t want to give you the wrong information so we have left them out.
  2. Many of these products will look similar. A doctor will need to reach out to these companies to ask for their detailed product specs or Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) to get more detail.
  3. For some products, where we have the information, you can search the table for minor cannabinoids like CBC, CBN or CBG.
  4. We recommend you read the table key below each product to see what special characteristics the table holds for certain products (ie. Certified Organic or non irradiated flower)
  5. If you’re looking for product reviews, you’ll want to visit CannaReviews (see note below before visiting)
  6. Once you’ve reviewed the products, if you’re looking for a local doctor or nurse practitioner, you can use this tool to find local cannabis doctors in Australia.

IMPORTANT NOTE: honahlee does not own, operate or have a relationship with cannareviews. We’ve received various complaints about incorrect pricing of cannareviews listed products. Any complaints or feedback should be sent directly to cannareviews at [email protected] And, while you may find reviews on some products, cannabis doesn’t work for everyone and the same product may work differently for each person, or not at all.

Below you’ll find four lists:

Legal Australian cultivated and manufactured products

While a short list, this is the real list of Australian cannabis products. It’s great to know some locally cultivated and manufactured products exist. You’ll also note that in this group of products, there are some Certified Organic medications and some non-irradiated flower. Please make sure to review the description below the table for more information.

Important Table Notes:
^BS = broad spectrum, FS = full spectrum, NI = not irradiated, CO = coconut oil
* Products may be supplemented with ingredients and starting materials from overseas (not 100% Australian products).
** Some ANTG products may be irradiated.
BrandProduct Name^Product type^THCCBDCannabinoid
ANTGMariposaFlower14%< 0.1%High THC
ANTGSolaceFlower22%< 0.1%High THC
ANTGRockyFlower30%< 0.1%High THC
ANTGEveFlower< 0.1%14%High CBD
ANTGElanOil (MCT)0 mg/ml100 mg/mlCBD Only
CannatrekT17 Kakadu FlowerFlower, Hybrid17%< 1%High THC
Canndeo*THC:CBD 15:1Oil (MCT)25 mg/ml1.7 mg/mlHigh THC
Canndeo*THC:CBD 1:1Oil (MCT)25 mg/ml25 mg/mlBalanced
Canndeo*THC:CBD 1:30Oil (MCT)3 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
Canndeo*THC 25Oil (MCT)25 mg/ml0THC Only
Canndeo*CBD 100Oil (MCT)0100 mg/mlCBD Only
Canndeo*CBD 25Oil (MCT)025 mg/mlCBD Only
Canndeo*CBD 100 FSOil (MCT)4.3 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
Canndeo*CBD 25 FSOil (MCT)1 mg/ml25 mg/mlHigh CBD
CymraCybis 10:25 FSOil (MCT)10 mg/ml25 mg/mlBalanced
EntouraEntoura EMC 10:15Oil (MCT)10 mg/ml15 mg/mlBalanced
EntouraEntoura EMC THC 26Oil (MCT)26 mg/ml0THC Only
Little Green
LGP Classic 10:10Oil (CO)10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
Little Green
LGP Classic 20:5Oil (CO)20 mg/ml5 mg/mlHigh THC
Little Green
LGP Classic 1:20Oil (CO)1 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
Little Green
LGP Classic CBD50Oil (CO)< 1%50 mg/mlHigh CBD
Little Green Pharma*LGP Flower THC22 - Desert FlameFlower, Hybrid22%< 1%High THC

Legal medical cannabis oil products

Oils are the most abundant product type in Australia. While many of the oils are similar, the most significant difference in these products will be whether products are manufactured in Australia, and their terpene and cannabinoid range. 

Important Table Notes:
*Product Name Notes: BS = broad spectrum, CO = certified organic, FS = full spectrum
**Oil type notes: HS = hemp seed oil, NA = not known
BrandProduct Name*Oil
Adaya10:10MCT10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
Adaya1:25MCT1 mg/ml25 mg/mlHigh CBD
Adaya20:1MCT20 mg/ml1 mg/mlHigh THC
AdayaCBD 100MCT0100 mg/mlCBD Only
AdayaTHC 26MCT26 mg/ml0THC Only
AltheaRideauMCT< 2 mg/ml25 mg/mlHigh CBD
AltheaCapilanoMCT10 mg/ml12.5 mg/mlBalanced
AltheaChamplainMCT20 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
AltheaJasperMCT5 mg/ml10 mg/mlHigh CBD
AltheaCBD 100MCT< 1 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
Ananda HempCBD-Rich Oil (FS)HS + MCT< 1 mg/ml40 mg/mlHigh CBD
ANTGElanMCT0 mg/ml100 mg/mlCBD Only
Aruma1:25 DropsMCT< 1 mg/ml25 mg/mlHigh CBD
Aruma10:10 DropsMCT10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
Aruma20:1 DropsMCT20 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
AuroraCBD dropsMCT< 3 mg/ml28.5 mg/mlHigh CBD
AuroraTHC Drops (Indica)MCT28.5 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
AuroraTHC Drops (Sativa)MCT28.5 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
CannatrekC115 Sunstone (FS)MCT0115/ mgmlCBD Only
CannatrekC100 Amber (FS)MCT< 4 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
CannatrekC200 Amber (FS)MCT< 8 mg/ml200 mg/mlHigh CBD
CannatrekC20 CBD Oil (FS)Sunflower< 1 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
CannatrekH10 HybridSunflower10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
CannatrekT20 IndicaSunflower20 mg/ml0THC Only
CannatrekC20T5 RubySunflower20 mg/ml5 mg/mlHigh THC
CannatrekT25 RubySunflower25 mg/ml0High THC
CannatrekC12T12 RubySunflower12.5 mg/ml12.5 mg/mlBalanced
CannatrekT25 TopazSunflower25 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
CanndeoTHC:CBD 15:1MCT25 mg/ml1.7 mg/mlHigh THC
CanndeoTHC:CBD 1:1MCT25 mg/ml25 mg/mlBalanced
CanndeoTHC:CBD 1:30MCT3 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
CanndeoTHC 25MCT25 mg/ml0THC Only
CanndeoCBD 100MCT0100 mg/mlCBD Only
CanndeoCBD 25MCT025 mg/mlCBD Only
CanndeoCBD 100 FSMCT4.3 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
CanndeoCBD 25 FSMCT1 mg/ml25 mg/mlHigh CBD
CanniMed1:20Olive1 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
CanniMed10:10Olive9.8 mg/ml9.9 mg/mlBalanced
CanniMed18:0Olive18.3 mg/ml< 0.2 mg/mlHigh THC
CymraCybis 10:25MCT10 mg/ml25 mg/mlBalanced
EntouraCBD 10 (CO)Hemp< 0.2 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
EntouraCBD 20 (CO)Hemp< 0.4 mg/ml200 mg/mlHigh CBD
EntouraEMC 10:15MCT10 mg/ml15 mg/mlBalanced
EntouraEMC THC 26MCT26 mg/ml0THC Only
Grandiosa ImportsActive+ Full SpectrumHemp< 0.2 mg/ml8 mg/mlHigh CBD
Grandiosa ImportsCBD Full Spectrum 5%Hemp< 0.1 mg/ml47.2 mg/mlHigh CBD
Grandiosa ImportsPremium GoldHemp< 0.5 mg/ml250 mg/mlHigh CBD
Grandiosa ImportsCBD Full Spectrum 8%Hemp< 0.04 mg/ml82.5 mg/mlHigh CBD
HAPA PharmHAPA 10:10 (FS)Olive10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
HAPA PharmHAPA 50 (FS)Olive050 mg/mlHigh CBD
HAPA PharmHAPA 1:15 (FS)Olive1 mg/ml15 mg/mlHigh CBD
Little Green PharmaLGP Classic 10:10MCT10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
Little Green PharmaLGP Classic 20:5MCT20 mg/ml5 mg/mlHigh THC
Little Green PharmaLGP Classic 1:20MCT1 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
Little Green PharmaLGP Classic CBD50MCT< 1%50 mg/mlHigh CBD
Little Green
LGP Classic 1:100MCT<1.5 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
MEDCANFX01 (FS)Olive20 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
MEDCANFX02 (FS)Olive5 mg/ml8 mg/mlBalanced
MEDCANFX03 (FS)Olive0.9 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
MEDCANFX04 (FS)Olive3.5 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
MediCabilisMedicabilis 100 CBDMCT0100 mg/mlCBD Only
MediCabilisMediCabilis 5%
MCT< 2 mg/ml50 mg/mlHigh CBD
MedreleafEquiposa (Sativa)Sunflower12.5 mg/ml14.8 mg/mlBalanced
Sunflower24 mg/ml< 0.9 mg/mlHigh THC
MGC PharmaMGC MP 25TMCT25 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
MGC PharmaMGC MP 100MCT< 1 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
MGC PharmaMGC MP 1:1MCT25 mg/ml25 mg/mlBalanced
MGC PharmaCannEpilMCT5 mg/ml100 gm/mlHigh CBD
MGC PharmaMGC MP 15:1MCT25 mg/ml1.7 mg/mlHigh THC
MGC PharmaMGC MP 1:30MCT3 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
MGC PharmaMGC MP 7:1MCT25 mg/ml3.6 mg/mlHigh THC
MOCACBD Drops 1000mg (FS, CO)HS< 1 mg/ml33.3 mg/mlHigh CBD
MOCACBD Drops 1500mg (FS, CO)HS< 1 mg/ml50 mg/mlHigh CBD
MOCACBD Drops 3500mg (FS, CO)HS< 1 mg/ml116.7 mg/mlHigh CBD
MOCACBD Drops 5000mg (FS, CO)HS< 1 mg/ml166.7 mg/mlHigh CBD
MOCACBD Tincture Oil 500mgMCT< 1 mg/ml16.7 mg/mlHigh CBD
MOCACBD Tincture Oil 1000mgMCT< 1 mg/ml33.3 mg/mlHigh CBD
MOCACBD Tincture Oil 1500mgMCT< 1 mg/ml50 mg/mlHigh CBD
MontuCircle CBD 20NA< 3mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
MontuCircle Balance 2:1NA20 mg/ml12 mg/mlHigh THC
MontuCircle Balance 1:1NA10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
MontuCircle THC 20NA20 mg/ml< 3mg/mlHigh THC
MontuCircle CBD PureMCT0100 mg/mlCBD Only
Yellow (Hybrid)MCT< 1 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
Blue (Hybrid)MCT10 mg/ml15 mg/mlBalanced
Red No 2 (Hybrid)MCT26.3 mg/ml< 1 mg/mlHigh THC
TilrayTHC25 (FS)MCT25 mg/ml0THC Only
TilrayTHC25 CBD25 (FS)MCT25 mg/ml25 mg/mlBalanced
TilrayTHC10 CBD 10MCT10 mg/ml10 mg/mlBalanced
TilrayPurified CBD 25MCT025 mg/mlCBD Only
TilrayPurified CBD100MCT0100 mg/mlCBD Only
TilrayTHC1 CBD25 (FS)MCT1 mg/ml25 mg/mlHigh CBD
TilrayTHC2 CBD100 (FS)MCT2 mg/ml100 mg/mlHigh CBD
TilrayTHC5 CBD20 (FS)MCT5 mg/ml20 mg/mlHigh CBD
ZeliraHOPE (TM) 1Olive5 mg/ml5 mg/mlBalanced
ZeliraHOPE (TM) 2Olive8.3 mg/ml1.7 mg/mlHigh THC
ZenivolZenivol (FS)
(Sativa, CBN 2mg/ml)
Sunflower20 mg/ml1 mg/mlHigh THC

Legal medical cannabis flower products

Vapable flower products are increasingly being prescribed. Most medical cannabis companies don’t  specify the strain. To find out, a doctor would need to ask for the CoA or request the information from the supplier. While we’ve listed indica vs sativa to the best of our knowledge, it’s terpene and cannabinoid content that will determine how uplifting or sedating a cannabis product is.

Important Table Notes:
*Characteristics: AU = 100% Australian, CO = certified organic, NA = unknown, NI = not irradiated
BrandProduct NameCharacteristics*THCCBDCannabinoid ContentPackage size
AltheaTHC 18 - HenikHybrid18%< 1%High THC10g
ANTGMariposaAU, Sativa14%< 0.1%High THC10g
ANTGSolaceAU, Sativa22%< 0.1%High THC10g
ANTGRockyAU, Indica30%< 0.1%High THC10g
ANTGEveAU, Sativa< 0.1%14%High CBD10g
AuroraTower CannatonicHybrid1%12.20%High THC10g
Beacon MedicalTHC+F Flower (Sensi Star)Indica20%< 1%High THC10g
Beacon MedicalGSCHybrid20%< 1%High THC10g
BedrocanBedrocan FlosSativa22%< 1%High THC5g
BedrocanBedrolite GranulateSativa< 1%9%High CBD5g
BedrocanBedica GranulateIndica14%< 1%High THC5g
BedrocanBediol GranulateSativa6.3%8%Balanced5g
BedrocanBedrobinol FlosSativa13.50%< 1%High THC5g
CannatrekT15 Flower Sativa AcadiaSativa15%< 1%High THC10g
CannatrekT18 Flower Uplift LemnosSativa18%< 1%High THC10g
CannatrekT20 Flower Relax DaylesfordIndica20%< 1%High THC10g
CannatrekT17 Jerusalem FlowerIndica17%< 1%High THC10g
CannatrekT17 Jerusalem FlowerIndica17%< 1%High THC10g
CannatrekT17 Kakadu FlowerHybrid17%< 1%High THC10g
Little Green PharmaLGP Flower THC22 - Desert FlameAU, Sativa (Hybrid)22%< 1%High THC15g
MEDCANCC01 (Cold Creek Kush)Indica22%< 0.7%High THC7g
MedreleafNollia FlowerIndica4.30%6.50%Balanced15g
MedreleafLuminarium FlowerSativa22.10%< 1%High THC15g
MedreleafStellio FlowerIndica21.5%< 1%High THC15g
Red No 2 FlowerHybrid< 1%16%High THC5g
TilrayTHC10 CBD 10NA10%10%Balanced5g
TilrayTHC17NA17%0%THC Only5g
TilrayTHC 25NA25%0%THC Only5g

“Other” medical cannabis products

The other category covers the rest of the products available on the market. These products include capsules, chewables, crystals, lozenges, sprays and wafers. These products are great for those who have unique needs (ie. get stomach aches from oils, are allergic to carriers and many other needs). However, these products are not only for unique needs and are prescribed regularly.

Important Table Notes:
*Product Name Notes: BS = broad spectrum, CO = certified organic, FS = full spectrum
^Product Type Notes: OS = organic sesame oil, SF = sunflower oil, OO = olive oil
BrandProduct Name*Product type^THCCBD Cannabinoid Content
CannatrekC25 Sunstone CBD CapsCapsule025 mg/mlCBD Only
CannatrekT55 Topaz Bubble HashPowder (for vape)55%< 1%High THC
EntouraEntoura EMC CBD15 CHEWChewable015 mg/tabCBD Only
MedcaCBD Oil Capsules 30mg
(1mg CBC & CBG)
Capsule (OS)1 mg/cap30 mg/capHigh CBD
MedcaCBD Oil Capsules 20mg
(1mg CBC & CBG)
Capsule (OS)0 mg/cap20 mg/capHigh CBD
MEDCANGC01Capsule8 mg/cap< 1 mg/capHigh THC
MEDCANGC02Capsule5 mg/cap8 mg/capBalanced
MedLabNanaBis Buccal SpraySpray8.93 mg/ml8.93 mg/mlBalanced
MedLabNanoCBDSpray016.67 mg/mlHigh CBD
MedreleafEquiposa Softgels (Sativa)Capsule (SF)2.6 mg/cap2.4 mg/capBalanced
MedreleafLuminarium Softgels
Capsule (SF)5 mg/cap< 0.2 mg/capHigh THC
MedreleafSedamen Softgels (Sativa)Capsule (SF)5 mg/cap< 0.2 mg/capHigh THC
OpulentOpulent CBD Gel Capsules (BS)Capsule< 0.1 mg/cap25 mg/capHigh CBD
SatipharmCBD 50mg Gelpell CapsuleCapsule050 mg /capHigh CBD
Red Softgels No 2 (Hybrid)Capsule10 mg/cap< 1 mg/capHigh THC
Red Softgels No 1 (Hybrid)Capsule2.5 mg/cap< 1 mg/capHigh THC
Blue Softgels (Hybrid)Capsule2.5 mg/cap3.75 mg/capBalanced
Yellow Softgels (Hybrid)Capsule< 1 mg/cap20 mg/capHigh CBD
XativaXativa 12.5mg (BS)Wafer0 mg/wafer12 mg/waferHigh CBD
XativaXativa 25mg (BS)Wafer0 mg/wafer25 mg/waferHigh CBD